First food demo at the 2015 Cape Town Food and Wine show

It's been a crazy few months, since the launch of Food for your brood, but the biggest challenge was my first ever cookery demonstration at this years Good Food and Wine show in Cape Town.

It's all very well cooking delicious food in your own kitchen, but it's quite different doing the same thing in front of a bunch of strangers. Which is why I was so nervous... 

Being a food show fan, I've watched plenty of chefs effortlessly and confidently entertain big audiences, so I knew it would have to be good. When you're at a show, there's so much to see, do (and eat) that  wasting precious time by watching a boring demo just isn't an option.

I figured the best way to get over first night nerves was to do what I love best - getting people involved.  The organisers asked for a healthy eating recipe, so I decided to do 'Sushi for squeamish kids' - cheap, healthy and easy sushi that uses smoked trout and tinned tuna rather than raw fish.

The best thing about this recipe is that you need lots of help, and I was very lucky to have a lovely audience full of kids, who were all revved up and ready to get onstage.  Within a few minutes I had four volunteers and half an hour later, they'd each made big fat platefuls of maki rolls, nigiri and sushi balls to take home.

The audience were so supportive and friendly I forgot to be nervous, and the kids not only relished the chance to get involved, they turned out some brilliant sushi. Looking forward to the next one!