Packed with recipes for deliciously unpretentious, modern rustic food, The Tin and Traybake Cookbook uses the six most popular baking tins to create gorgeous baking, freezing, setting and roasting dishes for every meal.

Did you know that the best brownie tin is also a perfect fit for spiced roast chicken with chorizo or blackberry vodka marshmallows? That a simple loaf tin can make a mean berry ripple ice cream and towering sausage and fennel lasagnes, as well as heartbreakingly tasty bread? Or that a classic traybake tin is the ideal size for a baked chicken and roast garlic risotto and a sweet potato and mustard gratin as well as almond and blueberry bars?

The Tin and Traybake Cookbook is full of great ideas for every occasion, from inventive breakfasts, simple suppers and family get-togethers to sneaky sweet treats and food for hungry crowds. Sneak Youtube preview below!